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Stump Grinding Services

Most people agree that if you’re going to remove a tree stump, it’s important to hire an experienced arborist for fast and effective stump grinding.

Saddle Up Tree Service offers complete tree services for residential and commercial properties. We’ve been providing expert stump grinding services to Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts for 15+ years. We are the trusted choice for all stump grinding services.

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Why Work with a Professional?

Tree stumps are rather unsightly and prevent you from making full use of your property. More importantly, they can pose a hazard. From children playing in your yard, to adults walking along your commercial property, all could be at risk of injury. Also, as the stumps dry out over time, they can attract pests that could then wreak havoc on other flora and wooden structures on your property – including your home or business!

Attempting to remove the stumps yourself can be a very difficult process. Not only will it take you a lot of time, but it could be harmful. One example is manual tree stump removal. The manual process requires a mattock, shovel and ax. However, we strongly recommend that you not use an ax unless you have been taught how to handle one properly. In inexperienced hands, an ax can be very dangerous. Alternatively, you could use chemicals to rot the tree stumps. However, this method is time-consuming and can also be harmful to you and surrounding environment. Lastly, you could rent a stump grinder to grind the stump yourself. Although renting a stump grinder is possible, it is labor-intensive and can be very unsafe to operate without any experience.

Is it worth the trouble and expense when you can hire the professionals at Saddle Up Tree Service? When working with us, you can expect quality work that is achieved in a safe manner.

Selecting the Right Stump Grinding Specialist

Did you know that tree stumps can be a safety concern? Or spread decay and invite unwanted pests onto your property? Or that tree stumps can grow fungi that can be harmful to children and pets?  Working with an arborist will ensure that your tree stumps will be ground by a professional who has years of experience working in the tree care industry and is an expert in arboriculture.

Our highly skilled crew is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Our professional-grade machines effectively burrow as they grind, removing the stump below ground level. Regardless of the size of your job, we can quickly grind your stumps safely and effectively. We can improve the aesthetics, health of your flora, and safety of your property. If you have a tree stump that needs to be removed, contact a licensed and experienced professional to grind the stump and have your property cleared in no time.

Why Choose Saddle Up Tree Service?

Improve the look and safety of your property by removing tree stumps. We are your local, family-owned and operated tree service company. We’ll come out and assess your specific needs, make expert recommendations and provide you with the best stump grinding service – all at an affordable price.

You can rest assured that our work is fully-insured and performed by very experienced stump grinding specialists. That’s why residents and businesses in Northern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire have trusted us with their tree service since 2002. Please call today for your free consultation.

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