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Tree Pruning Services

Tree pruning is important for keeping trees beautiful and healthy. Pruning helps your trees grow a strong structure and even decreases the possibility of damage during severe weather.

If you’re looking for professional tree pruning, Saddle Up Tree Service can help. We offer complete tree services for residential and commercial properties. We’ve been providing expert tree pruning services to Northern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire for 15+ years and are the trusted choice for all tree pruning services. As an experienced arborist, we will fully evaluate your specific needs, taking into account important details like species, age, current condition and time of year, and then provide you with recommendations for tree pruning.

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Why Does Your Tree Need Pruning?

With young trees, pruning is particularly important for growth. Managing the limbs of young trees helps their roots to take anchor and nourish their growing branches. If you are faced with excessive, dying or dead limbs, the limbs should be removed. Doing this will allow the healthier limbs to thrive. Otherwise, your tree’s growth will be affected.

As trees reaches adolescence, pruning is still important – but in a different way. At this stage, your trees’ crown is established. Focus is placed on higher limbs, removing those that need attention or to create symmetry.

At full maturity, pruning is important for keeping only healthy limbs on trees. If you have kept up with regular pruning, this is not a difficult job. However, if you’ve neglected regular maintenance, it’s important to call an experienced arborist to evaluate your tree.

Selecting the Right Tree Care Specialist

Did you know that certain trees should only be pruned at certain times of the year? Or that pruning too much or too little can harm a branch? Or, if done incorrectly, pruning can actually lead to disease and pest-infestation? Working with an arborist will ensure that your trees will be cared for by a professional who has years of experience working in the tree care industry and is an expert in arboriculture.

We can keep your tree looking beautiful year round by pruning correctly and at the right times. We can remove branches that are diseased or pest-infested before they fall and cause property damage or injuries. Our crew can also trim branches that interfere people or vehicles, block visibility of driveway or signs, as well as remove branches that grow into utility lines. If you have a tree that has grown out of shape, we can help trim the tree into a beautiful shape that improves structural strength and enhances its beauty.

Why Choose Saddle Up Tree Service?

Keep your trees looking beautiful year round by calling the experts at Saddle Up Tree Service. We are your local, family-owned and operated tree service company. We’ll come out and assess your specific needs, make expert recommendations and provide you with the best tree care – all at an affordable price.

Also, as your local arborist, you can rest assured that our work is fully-insured and performed by very experienced tree care specialists. That means your tree will not only look great, but it will remain healthy and beautiful for years to come. That’s why residents and businesses in Northern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire have trusted us with their tree service since 2002. Please call today for your free consultation.

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