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Tree Removal Services

Trees not only add real beauty and value to your entire property, but they also provide you many benefits. In the summer, they keep your home cool through their protective shade. In the winter, they keep your home warm by reducing the impact of wind. And year round, trees help supply the air with oxygen and lower the noise from roadways. Despite all of these great benefits, trees can become a dangerous liability that require fast and friendly tree removal services.

If you’re looking for professional services, Saddle Up Tree Service can help. For 15+ years, we’ve provided  tree services for residential and commercial properties in Northern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. We are the trusted choice for all types of tree removal because of our highly skilled crew of tree service professionals and state-of-the-art equipment.

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Do You Need Tree Removal?

Tree removal may be needed for several reasons. For example, we are often called after a tree has caused damage to a home, business or property after a strong storm. Although we hate to see customers in emergency situations like this, we are able to assess and perform tree removal in the safest and most effective way possible.

Customers may have questionable trees hanging over their home, business or property. If this describes your situation, contact us to evaluate the situation before a serious problem occurs. Alternatively, if a tree’s roots are interfering with the foundation of your home or commercial property, don’t wait to call. As your trusted local arbortist, we will make the best recommendation for tree removal based on your needs and budget.

Other customers may have trees that are too diseased or damaged from pest-infestation to heal. These trees can become uprooted and fall on your home or property, causing expensive property damage or injuries. If you have a suspected dead tree, be sure to contact us immediately for tree removal services.

Lastly, customers may request our help when they want to remove trees to expand their yards. Whether you would like room for a swimming pool, an expansive deck or an area for your kids to play, Saddle Up Tree Service is experienced and skilled to expand your yard space. Our goal is to provide you with the highest-quality tree removal services to suit your specific needs.

Selecting the Right Tree Removal Specialist

Do you have dead trees with hazardous limbs that could fall and damage your property during a wind or snow storm? Do you have trees that have cracks at the base of their trunks? Does your insurance policy require you to remove unsafe trees that loom over your home? Be sure that your trees will be cared for. Work with an arborist who has years of professional experience working in the tree care industry and is an expert in arboriculture.

Our highly skilled crew is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Regardless of a job’s level of difficulty, we can remove your tree safely and effectively. Our fleet includes bucket trucks for less complicated removal jobs and a crane to assist us with enormous tree removals. We also have aerial lifts that help us reach trees without causing damage to lawns or other property. Plus, we have chippers and stump grinders to clean up your property once your tree removal is done.

Why Choose Saddle Up Tree Service?

We are your trusted local, family-owned and operated tree removal company. Whether you need one tree or many trees removed, Saddle Up Tree Services has the experience and equipment to do the job right. We’ll come out and assess your specific needs, make expert recommendations and provide you with the best tree removal service – all at an affordable price.

Our goal is to be the best customer service company in the tree service industry. We accomplish that by arriving at your home on time, dressed professionally and with a smile, to give your free quote. Also, as your local arborist, you can rest assured that our work is fully-insured and performed by very experienced tree care specialists. That’s why residents and businesses in Northern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire have trusted us with their tree service since 2002. Please call today for your free consultation.

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