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Yard Expansions

Removing unwanted trees is the first step to acquiring the beautiful, open yard you’ve been dreaming of.

If you’re looking for professional yard expansions and lot clearing, Saddle Up Tree Service can help. We offer complete tree removal services for residential and commercial properties. We’ve been providing professional tree services to Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts for 15+ years and are the trusted choice for all yard expansion and lot clearing.

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Why Get a Professional Yard Expansion?

Are you looking to install a swimming pool? Have you been thinking about adding a large deck on the backside of your home? Do you need more space in your yard for your kids to play? Or, have you decided to build an addition onto your home?

Clearing out your property of trees, shrubs and stumps is not a simple do-it-yourself process. Professional tree removal specialists are best equipped to handle a project like this, ensuring that your needs are met with minimal damage to your property.

Our experienced tree removal crew will come out to your home or business to assess the property. We then remove the marked trees with upmost care, making sure to extract shallow roots and grind down stumps.

Our thorough and effective work in clearing your property of trees, shrubs and stumps ensures that your subsequent construction goes smoothly. You’ll be left with a pristine, flat and open yard that you can create your dreams on.

Selecting the Right Tree Removal Specialist

Our highly skilled crew is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Regardless of a job’s level of difficulty, we can expand your yard safely and effectively. Our fleet includes bucket trucks for less complicated removal jobs and a crane to assist us with enormous tree removals. We also have aerial lifts that help us reach trees without causing damage to lawns or other property. Plus, we have chippers and stump grinders to clean up your property once your tree removal is done.

Why Choose Saddle Up Tree Service?

We are your local, family-owned and operated tree service company. We’ll come out and assess your specific needs, make expert recommendations and provide you with the best tree removal service – all at an affordable price.

Also, as your local arborist, you can rest assured that our work is fully-insured and performed by very experienced tree care specialists. That’s why residents and businesses in Northern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire have trusted us with their tree service since 2002. Please call today for your free consultation.

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